Political apathy here is rife, especially amongst educated individuals resigned to the “same suit, different tie” problem our electoral system has produced. Much like many here in the UK I’ve never really been one for discussing politics in public. This is no longer true, at least for me, certain recent events have spurred me into action and this blog will probably take the brunt of that…..Yup, I’m getting my politics on.

So why the change? Well, it all started with the DEA, which as a technically literate person annoyed me no end. Then came the whole SOPA/PIPA debacle over in the US, which annoyed even more. Then came the snoopers charter, which was thankfully thrown out. Then came the Tempura/PRISM revelations, with infuriated me. Then came the final straw, David Cameron is taking the censor’s knife to the internet. More on that to follow….you have been warned :-)