Well, you may not have even noticed it had gone missing but it’s back… The site has been down for quite a few weeks now owing to a disastrous series of hardware failures, which wiped out the live site and really messed up my backups. There was a whole lot of file and folder corruption, it was a real mess. It has taken me a while to restore (with a lot of assistance from a very helpful friend) and a few things are lost forever, but the site is mostly back. Though my search rankings have been ruined and a few things still aren’t quite right.

Because I’ve been forced to restore everything I’ve taken the opportunity to make a few tweaks. By way of example: The site is now running on Ghost instead of Wordpress, so far I think it’s a big improvement. I just need to find (or perhaps make) a good theme. I’m also running on entirely new hardware. You can expect a blog post soon about the new setup, though I do have a rather sizeable backlog of other things to write about.