My latest review is up! This time I take a look at the Girls und Panzer: This Is The Real Anzio Battle OVA.

First Published on UK Anime Network.

Girls und Panzer has long been a favourite here at UK Anime Towers, we described the original series as “Fresh, funny and charming from start to finish”. Though we weren’t so fond of the fan service laden OVA collection and, while lots of fun, Girls und Panzer der Film pushed the envelope a little too far at times. So it is that we turn our attentions to Girls und Panzer: This Is The Real Anzio Battle OVA, is it more of the same Girls und Panzer we know and love or does it suffer the same fate as the earlier OVA collection?

Hot on the heals of Ōarai’s victory against Saunders Girls High School, but before they face off against the Russian might of Pravda Girls High School, the Ōarai girls had to overcome the Italian team of Anzio Girls High School. And it is that battle, and the build up to it, which takes up the majority of the 38 minute run time here. Although this was touched upon in the series proper, the battle itself was almost entirely skipped over.

Though, perhaps, before we go any further, we should address the Elefant in the room: MVM Entertainment have released their last two Girls und Panzer sets in the wrong order. Girls und Panzer: This Is The Real Anzio Battle OVA should come before Girls und Panzer der Film. In-fact this OVA is set during the series, with the events depicted taking place around episode 7. This means that you need to be familiar with the series to understand where Anzio fits within it’s chronology and to understand what is happening.

As Girls und Panzer: This Is The Real Anzio Battle OVA begins Anzio Girls High School are having something of a pep rally, gearing up for their upcoming battle against Ōarai Girls High School, and they are particularly pleased about their new secret weapon. However, unbeknownst to the Anzio girls, Ōarai’s master of espionage - Yukari - is in their midst. With the spying done and a pile of intel to analyse Miho turns to team Hippo for aid evaluating Anzio’s new P40 tank and works out a strategy for their upcoming skirmish. Though this being Girls und Panzer nothing ever goes to plan, as we discover once the day of the battle rolls around.

Given the length and content of the OVA you could be forgiven for thinking that it is little more than an extended episode from the series, and you wouldn’t be far wrong with that assessment - though it is quite a good one. The series style and charm is in full force here, and without the excesses of the previous OVA collection or the over the top moments of Girls und Panzer der Film. Girls und Panzer: This Is The Real Anzio Battle OVA is everything we loved about the series in OVA form, and at 38 minutes it never outstays it’s welcome. Maintaining the fast pace of the series throughout as well as recreating the feel and themes from the series magnificently.

Really that’s probably all you need to know about this release, Girls und Panzer: This Is The Real Anzio Battle OVA is a nice bite-sized chunk of Girls und Panzer action and comedy, very much in the mould of the original series. What more could a Girls und Panzer fan ask for? The only blot on an otherwise excellent report card is the release itself, at an SRP of £19.99 and with no real extras to speak of it feels a tad on the expensive side for what is essentially an extended episode.

7 - Everything we loved about the series packed into a 38 minute OVA.