Average Joe PhD and general nerd…or should that be General Nerd?

That’s me in a nutshell, or to put it another way: I like technology, video games, sci-fi, anime, and other similarly nerdy pursuits and will be writing about such things here. If you like what I do you can buy me a coffee or contact me and say hi.

I once vowed never to blog because, well, who on earth would be interested in my ramblings? But, you know what, that’s not what it’s about is it? I’m going to use these pages to get down the things in my head: Useful technical titbits, comments on films, TV, life, and that kind of thing. I hope you enjoy reading, but if not - well - it’s all good for me. I’ve recently started getting into photography (I’m not very good) so I’ll also be including some of my photo’s here too (like the one above taken at Tenryū-ji Zen Temple).